Auto-Edge Oakville is now offering HUPER OPTIK Nano-Ceramic Window Film tint for automotive. This film is the smarter and superior choice for life in the fast lane. We are carrying Ceramic 30 and Ceramic 40 films. Huper Optik is a revolutionary product for your automotive comfort. We are an authorized Dealer for Huper Optik. Call us for more information.

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CLEARPLEX Invisible Windshield Protection Films

ClearPlex invisible windshield protection film is the best protection you will never see. Driving on today’s highways can be hazardous. It is an optically-clear protection film for windshields. ClearPlex will give you peace of mind while driving. Protect your windshield. Call if you have any further questions.

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We are now offering Sunscape Window Film by Madico

Sunscape window film is an elegant solution for protecting your home or office, your health and your indoor comfort.
With Sunscape film you can embrace everything you love about the sun, while creating an energy efficient environment. You can take comfort in knowing your furnishings are protected and will last a lifetime.
Benefits would include:
Lower Energy Costs – blocks 99% of UV rays and up to 83% of suns solar energy – dramatically reduces energy costs
Aesthetics everyone can appreciate – protects furnishings, hardwood floors, carpeting and artwork – a natural, non-reflective appearance
Increased comfort – rejecting heat in the summer while retaining heat in the winter – reduces annoying glare
Sunscape Window Film creates a sunscreen for your office, home and your family.
If effortless cost-savings, a comfortable work environment, and architectural enhancement sounds good to you, then contact us today.

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Transport truck and commercial drivers need UV protection too. We now have the capacity to window tint transport tractors and commercial vehicles. Window film repels nearly all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which have been proven to be harmful. The time to protect our drivers has never been more compelling.

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Truck Drivers need window film protection from UVA rays.

We have attached a link for your viewing as to what can happen to our truck drivers over a long period of time who do not have window film protection in their vehicles. IWFA and Window Film magazine article found that installing window film that repels nearly all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV) on a vehicle’s side windows has never been more compelling. UVA rays are responsible for the signs of aging because they are able to penetrate much deeper into the surface of the skin, damaging the cells beneath. There are nearly one million truckers behind our big rigs. Thanks to IWFA efforts many can feel confident and worry free when using window film on their cab’s sidelites, as long as they rate 70 percent total visible light transmission.

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Window Films for Energy Efficiency

International Window Film Association (IWFA) has been working very hard to promote the Residential and Commercial window film industry.

They are excited about a significant development regarding the recognition of Residential and Commercial window films as a retrofit building solution and valuable tool in the world of energy efficiency.

Without a doubt, window film offers enormous potential for energy savings and a reduction of demand on utilities. Window film also offers the opportunity to lower air conditioning costs and creates savings on hydro bills while letting in natural light without the negative impact of harsh glare and UV exposure.

Residential and Commercial buildings should consider window film for use in all Future Energy Efficiency Programs.

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Recently we were contacted by a local Oakville business to install window tint on their Toro and Jacobson lawn mowers. The interiors are air conditioned but the crew were experiencing extreme heat from the sun. We installed a high quality, German made window film on these machines. This film is cutting-edge technology with remarkable heat rejection performance.  In fact it has a high infrared-heat rejection of 98%, a high ultraviolet rejection greater than 99.9% and a scratch-resistant hardcoat. This is a superior nanotechnology window film. Workers are now much happier and are UVA & UVB protected from the sun. Great investment and their employees will now be working in comfort.


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Watch for our new blog posts coming soon!!

Stay tuned for our latest posts!

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Considering a Car Window Tint? Read This First!

Are you considering a car window tint?  If so then ensure that you have the job completed by a professional window tinting specialist.  A do-it-yourself product may be cheaper than having a window tint installed by a professional, but it never looks as good and the quality is sub-par.

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Window Frosting is a Great Option for Your Home’s Windows

Window frosting is an excellent choice for your home’s windows.  If your windows are not originally frosted there is no problem with having a professional window frosting film applied.  This film is inexpensive, easy to have installed and is in most cases removable.

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