5 Solid Reasons to Install Home Window Film

Home window film is a cost-effective alternative to blinds, curtains and other window coverings for your home.  Window films installed by professionals are usually guaranteed and come with excellent warranties.

Window films are a green option to help you make your home more environmentally friendly and efficient.  Here are 5 solid reasons you should consider installing window films in your home:

1. Lower Your Electricity Costs

Window films will help you reduce your energy consumption as well as your overall energy bills by helping distribute heat more evenly in your home.  Window films keep the heat in during winter months while allowing the sunlight to enter your home and keeping the cold out.  During summer months window films keep the heat out, keeping your home sunny, but cool.  With window films you will use less heat and less air conditioning year round.

2. Increase Your Privacy

Window films offer the ultimate privacy for your home.  They limit the ability of people to see into your home, without blocking your own view. Similar to how car window tinting works, you can see out but people can’t see in. With window films you can enjoy that spectacular view of the mountains, ocean or your backyard without worrying about neighbours and strangers seeing you.

3. Protection from U.V. Rays

Window films provide health benefits by blocking powerful U.V. rays that can damage your family’s skin.  U.V. rays can also fade your belongings, including:

  • House paint
  • Art work
  • Furniture
  • Draperies
  • Carpet
  • Floors

4. Reduce Glare

Window films allow sunlight into your home while reducing the glare that comes from the sun.  This means you can enjoy a home filled with sunlight, but the glare won’t affect you while you work at your computer, watch television, or use other electronics.

5. Safety

Window films provide excellent safety options for your home.  Window films hold broken glass in place to reduce the risk of injury and also to prevent break-ins.

Home window films are cost-effective, provide extra privacy, protect you from the sun, reduce glare and improve safety, 5 excellent reasons to consider window films for your home.

As winter fast approaches, now is an excellent time to consider installing a home window film so you can reduce your heat consumption this winter. Superior Window Films offers reliable and professional window film installation. Request a free, no obligation quote today or contact us for more information.

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