Avoid Do-It-Yourself Auto Tinting

If you are considering auto tinting you want to visit a professional.  Do-it-yourself tinting is usually a waste of money and can actually ruin your car windows.  A quality tint will help your car look stylish while a cheap product or an improperly installed product can bubble, peel or scratch off and the dye in the tint can change colour.
Auto tinting is considered by many car owners for different reasons, including:

  • Reducing sunlight – installing a window film on your vehicle’s glass will reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your car
  • Reducing heat – a great feature for those cars without air conditioning, reduced sunlight means that less heat will enter your car
  • Protecting interior – the sun can damage your car’s interior and upholstery, especially if you have invested in a car with leather seats
  • Medical considerations – many people with sensitive eyes or other related medical issues will benefit greatly from window tinting

When you decide to get auto-tinting you want to ensure you visit a professional.  A professional auto tinting business will be able to give you solid advice and recommendations.  Make sure you discuss what is legal in your province or state.  Specifically, ask:

  • Is auto tinting allowed in your area?
  • Is there a limit placed on the percentage of light that must pass through the windows?
  • Are there restrictions on which windows can be covered?

You should also discuss the type of tint that you would like to use.  An auto tinting professional can explain the differences between darkening, reflective or coloured tint.  Remember that the type of tint you choose will affect how the vehicle will look when in sunlight and when you are driving at night.

It is important to ensure that you visit an auto tinting professional.  Don’t risk applying a cheap product to your car or having a window tint improperly installed, as this route is certain to ruin the look of your automobile.

Auto-Edge Appearance Centre offers auto tinting, rust proofing and paint protection services for your vehicle. With a number of types and shades of car tint to choose from you should contact them today to request a quote or learn more about the benefits of window tinting your car.

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