Get Green with Solar Film

Solar film is a light film that is applied to windows in your home or business.  There are a number of types of solar film that you can have applied to your windows.  In fact, there are more than 200 window films available for professional retrofit on glass surfaces, including :

  • Frosted solar film – has the look of frosted glass for a fraction of the cost
  • Anti-graffiti film – to help protect your business from vandals

Solar film will block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and can reject 60% of sun rays coming through your windows.  There are numerous benefits to using solar film:

  • Deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare
  • Allows you to see out of your windows clearly, without needing blinds that get in the way
  • UV rays won’t damage your skin or your home’s interior
  • Increases safety by offering protection from broken glass
  • Protects against weather damage – either normal wear and tear from the wind or protection during tornados and hurricanes
  • Provides privacy
  • Helps insulate your home
  • Improves your overall comfort
  • Saves money
  • Helps the environment

Perhaps the most beneficial use of solar film is that it is an efficient way to participate in passive solar heating.  Passive solar heating is a part of the solar revolution.  It allows you to make use of the sun’s heat which is supplied abundantly for free.  Passive solar heating is a way to use the advantages of the sun naturally, without the use of mechanical technology.  Passive solar heating uses the sun’s light and heat every day without using mechanical or moving parts. Solar film will allow you to use solar energy without installing a power system like solar panels in your home.

Solar film will block the sun’s rays in the summer, which will help keep your home cool without the use of air conditioning or central air. In the winter, solar film can help keep the heat in your home, not allowing it to escape through your windows.  Ultimately, using solar film can reduce your home energy costs by 30-40%.

In addition to the many benefits provided by solar film it is also an environmentally friendly way to reduce your energy consumption and become a greener citizen.

Superior Window Films offers reliable and professional solar film installation. Request a free, no obligation quote today or contact us for more information about how solar film can help reduce your energy consumption.

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    My father installed solar film on our doors and windows to filter UV glares that can harm our eyes.  Because of that, instead of turning the air conditioning on, we are able to rely on the natural coolness during summer.

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